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ADAFI token is trending. What about ECIO? – Market wrap

ADA Finance is an exciting cross-dual-chain Defi ecosystem. It develops the ecosystem on both Cardano and Avalanche in parallel. The company has two separate development teams, Solidity, and Haskell, working on the smart contracts. They aim to deliver the ecosystem on both blockchains and offer users the freedom to choose which blockchain they operate the ADAFi’s Defi ecosystem.

The company is also launching its native utility token ADAFI on December 17, 2021. The sale will end on December 18, 2021. 1,481,481 ADAFI will be available for purchase for the price of $0.135000 during the initial coin offering. The team plans to raise $200,000 with the ICO.

ADA Finance offers customers a fair, transparent and secure environment. On this platform, every action runs in a decentralized way. The team utilizes smart contracts at a high frequency to achieve that. Furthermore, they run smart contract audits to ensure the safety of the users’ assets. The partner company audits every ADA Finance smart contract prior to its release on the main net. According to the team, ADAFi DAO Program participants will vote quarterly to decide which listed asset smart contract gets audited.

What is ADA Finance’s goal?

The company aims to offer Defi innovation to two emerging ecosystems, Avalanche and Cardano, by developing cross-dual-chain in parallel. ADA Finance introduces a DAO Program, Address Milestone Rewards, and a Referral Program to maximize platform growth and user activity-based rewards. Moreover, the company offers derivatives on ADAFi Swap with a decentralized approach. By using a decentralized price feed, it wants to counter the manipulated liquidation events on centralized entities.

ADA Finance’s mission is to introduce innovative and transparent passive earning opportunities. The team believes in the trust and transparency of the crypto industry.

How can customers use this platform?

Investors can connect to ADA Finance through non-custodial wallets. Moreover, the company offers Yoroi wallet and Nami Wallet for Cardano users and Metamask and Avalanche Wallet for Avalanche users.

After the user connects its wallet, the ADA Finance platform will load and reflect all the balances available in the wallet, optimizing the user experience.

ADAFi Swap uses an AMM or Automatic Market Maker. The latter is a smart contract that regulates trading. Smart contracts are decentralized. As a result, users will be able to trade with other customers’ provided liquidity effectively.

Moreover, ARC20 Token holders or Cardano Native Token (CNTs) holders will be able to use them for trading on ADAFi Swap. Customers can do that simply by connecting their non-custodial wallets. Margin trading will be beneficial, as it will only allow a limited amount of assets at x3 margin after launching. And it will also scale with the growth of the liquidity pools on ADAFi Swap.

The company stated that anyone would be able to list an asset on ADAFi Swap. However, they will have to lock a minimum amount of liquidity for twelve months. Customers will be able to report malicious token duplicates. They will get ADAFi tokens as a reward for their contribution to protect traders. Various Projects may also set up farming pools on this platform to incentivize liquidity providers.

What about the Swap fee?

The team noted that there is a 0.3% fee for swapping tokens, as well as a 0.05% fee for stable coins or major pairs. Liquidity providers will split these fees according to their contribution to liquidity reserves within the liquidity pool.

The platform will immediately deposit swapping fees into liquidity reserves. That will increase the value of liquidity tokens–the latter function as a payout to all liquidity providers.

Ecio token’s ICO will start soon

Ecio is a Space battle-oriented blockchain game, which is already very popular. Launched on BSC, it features an amazing array of unique characters and distinct strategies. The team centered the game around building a Space Crew. That will allow players to conquer enemies throughout the universe. Users can also gather collections of NFTs, upgrade them, and trade on the Ecio marketplace. Besides, the company offers several Play-to-earn game modes, including PVP, Co-op, Single Player, Guild War, and Land customization.

The team plans to launch the platform’s native utility token on December 18, 2021. The sale will end on December 19, 2021. 70,000,000 ECIO tokens will be available for purchase for the price of $0.002500 during the initial coin offering. The company’s fundraising goal is to raise $175,000.

What makes this game stand out among similar ones?

People widely use blockchain technology in many financial and commercial areas. In recent years its popularity has been steadily growing. At the same time, developers are trying to implement their own ideas in the existing technology, aiming to create a new commercial space and attract users.

There are numerous great NFT games available, and Defi creators add new ones daily. However, the Ecio team decided to create an NFT game that brings excitement into the gameplay mechanics and a storyline and has roots both within the game and the underlying ecosystem. That’s what makes this product unique. This company aims to create the best NFT game via engaging storylines, beautiful art, and meaningful progression systems.

Furthermore, ECIO is full of fun and exciting gameplay elements. Its team has an immersive gaming experience with story-rich gameplay. Thus, users are in for a wonderful adventure. The ECIO ecosystem is also noteworthy, as it offers many interesting features.

Players will discover how the different races are fighting an intense battle for freedom and power. They must train themselves to be the deadliest warriors in a galaxy engulfed in war. Besides, ECIO allows players to join forces with a friend, making the game even more fun. Users will be able to expand their Space Crew from 3 to 6 members. They can also challenge other crew in the team arena or battle in survival mode and earn more rewards.

The company’s goal is to deliver the best gaming experience for Defi gamers. It focuses on the entertainment factors of the gameplay, which will later reflect sustainable economic growth. The ECIO team plans to reach a long-term business interest for every user through this.




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