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Autotrader: Where is Tesla’s Cybertruck?

Though Tesla

has removed most mentions of the Cybertruck electric pickup from its official website, company founder and chief evangelist Elon Musk says it is still on its way.

Taking to Twitter
as he so often does, Musk innocuously replied to a post with confirmation the model will launch with four electric motors driving each of the truck’s wheels independently. A motor at each wheel and 4-wheel steering should give the truck the ability to “crab” around obstacles at low speeds, much like the GMC Hummer.

Musk has previously indicated that additional variants of the Cybertruck will have fewer motors, a move that would reduce costs (not to mention power). It’s unclear where that plan currently stands, though the Cybertruck has been beset with various delays.

The Cybertruck


When the Cybertruck was unveiled, Musk claimed a single-motor version would be priced at just $39,900. However, Tesla rarely sticks with its low initial prices. A $35,000 Model 3 was briefly available for order, but the company currently charges nearly $10,000 more for its least-expensive variant.

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At that unveiling, Musk also claimed that the top-of-the-line Cybertruck would employ three motors rather than the 4-motor setup he confirmed on Twitter.

The Cybertruck


Musk did not comment on when production will begin, although the automaker has pushed back production to at least 2022 after it begins building its Model Y at its new assembly plant on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. The Cybertruck is also slated to be built in Texas. 

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