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Binance is launching the JAMSY token. What about REAL?

Binance announced on Monday that it would list JasmyCoin (JASMY) on its platform. The exchange will also open trading for JASMY/BNB, JASMY/BTC, JASMY/USDT, and JASMY/BUSD trading pairs on November 22, 2021. A data marketplace project Jasmy enables customers to sell their data generated from the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to other businesses. The team also created its native utility token, JASMY. The latter serves as the payment currency within the Jasmy data platform.

Jasmy aims to provide the infrastructure which will allow any customer to use data safely and securely. The team is currently developing the Jasmy Platform. According to the company, a small number of giant platformers in the global market possesses valuable data generated from our everyday life. However, the Jasmy Platform will ensure the protection of each individual’s data. As a result, everyone will be able to use their data safely.

To realize its goal, the team has uniquely combined Blockchain and IoT technology. It will provide the optimal platform solution for customers and various industries worldwide. Japan has already made a name for itself for manufacturing high-quality products. Jasmy plans to offer the same. In building its platform, the company is developing its business from a manufacturer’s perspective while simultaneously striving to become a market innovator.

People sometimes call the current century “the century of data.” It’s evident that humans, machines, and information are building new relationships. And with information comes power. The team firmly believes that Jasmy will help Japan take a leading role in creating such a world.

How will this platform work?

The company plans to an IoT platform, which will be suitable for the idea of a Jasmy Decentralized Data Democracy. Thanks to the Jasmy Platform, it will endeavor to accelerate the use of data. It will also instill the concept of data democracy. Data democracy is essential for a society where companies and individuals can provide data to each other without stress or hesitation and do that not only for their own benefit but also for the common good of the society.

Jasmy aims to achieve the two objectives: the security of all data about an individual, such as IDs, application logs, and data from IoT devices in their usage, maintenance, and storage; the convenience for companies to utilize data in a wide-ranging manner, but only if authorized by the respective individuals.

The team believes that data that contributes to individuals, companies, and the whole society needs a place where its value can be recognized. And it aims to build such a place. Moreover, it will offer users to become part of a democratic decision-making community in a decentralized world. The company will also provide a neutral environment where all kinds of businesses, organizations, and individuals, giving them access to utilize the data generated and developed from the Jasmy Platform. As a result, this platform will boost innovation and create new value for the future.

The customers of the Jasmy platform will have digital lockers in the distributed storage to hold their data. In these lockers, the company will store and manage important personal data or IoT device data. However, users will determine to whom and to what extent they will share their data. They will also have complete control over the necessary scope and duration when providing their data to others.

What is Near Real Realm, and what does it offer?

Real Realm is a relatively new blockchain-based war strategy game. It enables the players to recruit, summon, evolve, lend, team up, and co-op their mighty NFT heroes called the Mies into the relentless battles. According to the team, each Mie will have unique characteristics, predestined missions, elements, and stories.

This free-to-earn platform will offer users diverse game features, a vast collection of NFTs, various battle modes, and Tournaments. As a result, users will be able to emerge themselves in Real Realm Metaverse and experience the great game while simultaneously earning enormous benefits.

The team also created the native utility and governance token REAL specifically for this platform. Token holders will be able to use REAL coins to earn interest and NFT points from staking; receive seasonal and monthly bonus rewards in the forms of Mystery boxes containing Diamonds, Legendary NFTs, etc. These tokens will also provide entry tickets for special events and tournaments, such as NFT Evolution and Summoning. Moreover, players will be able to pay fees and sometimes even enjoy reduced prices on Marketplace. REAL will enable its owners to vote for the new features, NFTs, and platform development as a governance token.

The company plans to launch the REAL token on November 23, 2021. It has built REAL on Binance Smart Chain. Thus, investors or gamers will be able to buy it on BSC Station. The team wants to raise $150,000 by trading REAL tokens, and it will accept BUSD in exchange.

How many REAL tokens will be in circulation?

The team plans to issue 23,800,000 REAL tokens in November 2021. However, it will release the total supply of tokens over a 48-month vesting period.

Rise Studio is the founder company of Real Realm. It developed this blockchain-based game to offer Defi users a space to have a great time and earn money simultaneously. The company has more than 40 employees. Its CEO is Nguyen Quoc Dinh. After almost 20 years of working in the game industry for various corporations, Dinh started his own business with three mobile game studios. The latter outsource and produce mobile games for the global market.

Furthermore, Dinh has a background in data science, software engineering, and finance. However, he decided to focus his business on the blockchain world.

Dinh Thai Minh Tam, Le Hoang Gia, Pham Son Truong and Nguyen Quoc Dinh co-founded REAL token. They all have extensive experience in Blockchain, Finance, marketing, and programming. The team members worked together with the same goal of developing a war strategy game. Thus, blockchain users will be able to enjoy rich content with no entry cost and get rewards for their effort and time.




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