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Binance listed a ALCX token. What about OGS, LDG, and CLVX?

Binance announced that it would list Alchemix (ALCX) token on its platform. The exchange also opened trading for ALCX/BUSD, ALCX/BTC, and ALCX/USDT trading pairs on November 30, 2021. Alchemix is a relatively new Defi protocol. It enables investors to create synthetic tokens that represent the future yield of a deposit. The company launched its own native token, ALCX. Customers can use it for protocol governance, as well as liquidity mining.

Thanks to Alchemix, Defi users can easily create various yield-backed synthetic tokens. However, the platform has one requirement if the customers want to create a new synthetic token. They must already own any other token, such as ERC20s or stablecoins, which would have a yield generating mechanism on-chain.

The Alchemix team plans to target stablecoins for their first synthetic token. It will call the latter alUSD (short of the al denoting the Alchemix platform). According to the company, alUSD will be mintable from several stablecoins. However, the protocol will initially support only DAI. Furthermore, Alchemix has its own dApp, which contains the following components: Transmuter, Vaults, Farming, and Treasury.

What advantages does Alchemix offer?

This platform brings an entirely new financial premise to Defi. It also expands the utility of existing yield-earning dApps such as Yearn. The team has recently announced that Alchemix would begin a new integration with Chainlink Keepers, automating the entire process. The company is actively moving towards true decentralization. It will use Chainlink Keepers and their leading oracle solution to achieve that.

The team has also sponsored the launch of a new Chainlink Price Feed for ALCX token to support its adoption as collateral across the Defi ecosystem. The company stated that the launch of a Chainlink Price would enable ALCX to become easily integrated by any Defi protocol in a reliable and secure manner. That integration will actually be an extension of Alchemix’s previous integration of Chainlink Price Feeds. The company uses it to issue loans at fair market prices, as well as ensure that the peg of minted tokens is maintained.

CALVEX’s token continues rallying

Calvex is a corporation that provides pet shop supplies to interested businesses and individuals worldwide. It aims to dominate a wide area in sub-dealers and mobile application (E-Commerce, NFTs, Gaming) markets in the future. The company also aims to offer innovations to the crypto money market with the smart collars it has developed.

Calvex launched its native token CLVX on November 26, 2021. The sale will end on January 26, 2022. 5 000.00 CLVX tokens are available for purchase. During the initial coin offering, the price is 0.000002 ETH per CLVX, and the platform accepts ETH, BTC, LTC, BNB, USDC, TRX, XLM, XRP, SOL, and USDT. The total supply of coins is 10000000000.

This company offers extraordinary and innovative ideas. It will help to integrate animals into the crypto money market. The team aims to create a smart network with smart doors for pets, GPS on collars, and a smart food machine. It also stated that the company makes maximum effort to use and spread its own cryptocurrency. Thus, the CLVX token holders will earn passive income when the platform realizes its ideas, and the token’s value increases accordingly.

What about the Ouro and its coin?

Ouro announced that it would launch its native token OGS on January 3, 2022. The sale will end on January 5, 2022. 50,000,000 OGS will be available for purchase for the price of $0.025000 during the ICO. The company aims to raise $1,250,000 with the sale.

This platform aims to create an inflation-proof store of value system on BSC, which will feature Peer-to-Pool asset swaps. According to the team, the project derives fiat inflations manifested in the growth of the value of crypto assets. Then it migrates them onto the OURO platform, thus, making it inflation-proof against the greenback.

In addition, the platform has an arbitrage-based stability mechanism. As a result, when assets in the Reserve Pool appreciate, the company will reserve up to 30% of the excess value for an increase in its Default Exchange Price.

The team created OGS (Ouro Governance Share token) to use for community governance. When the platform generates any yield from assets in the Reserve Pool, it will use the profit to improve liquidity for OGS trading pairs, as well as conduct OGS token burns. The team also plans to use at least 70% of the excess value to conduct OGS token burns and the formation of an Insurance Pool.

The platform will mint new OGS tokens when the Reserve Pool doesn’t have enough assets to acquire collateral. Considering that crypto-assets back all OURO tokens in a 1-1 fashion, token holders won’t need to worry about price fluctuation.

The Lil Dragon’s token is in the spotlight. Why’s that?

Lil Dragon created its native utility token LDG on the BSC. The company is the first NFTs Metaverse for Human Resourcing. It aims to create and utilize future technology, as well as contribute to Metaverse Era.

The team will use smart tax structures, and with the aid of the platform’s strong community, it will create a hyperlink between cryptocurrency and NFT’s Ecosystem.

Lil Dragon plans to launch its ICO on December 5, 2021. The sale will continue until December 12, 2021. 40% of the token’s total supply will be available for investors. The team wants to raise $900,000, and it will accept BNB in exchange for LDG tokens.

Meanwhile, Happy Land will begin its ICO on December 8, 2021. HPL token is high-ranking and offers interesting advantages. Happy Land offers to become a farm owner in its game. However, players need to create an account linked to a wallet if they want to play. After that, the platform will store user’s data in Happy Land’s system.

Every player will have a house and a warehouse initially, but they can purchase additional land in the shop or trade with other players at Happy Land Market Place. Users can plant trees on their land.

There is also the farming and city system (including entertainment with minigames, shopping mall, etc.). The team noted that 2.5D characters in HappyLand will significantly improve players’ experience.




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