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Binance will list PYR. SANTOS is already available

Binance announced today that it would list Vulcan Forged PYR on its platform. The exchange plans to open trading for PYR/BUSD, PYR/BTC, and PYR/USDT trading pairs on November 26, 2021.

Vulcan Forged is a successful game studio, which is dedicated to NFT games built on Polygon and Ethereum. The company has already launched several series of games on its platform. However, Berserk and VulcanVerse are the two most popular games of the project. The team also created PYR as a native utility token. It allows players to participate in staking, purchase NFTs from the in-game marketplace, and pay scholar registration fees.

Vulcan Forged began as a small digital art NFT platform, but it has grown to a multi-dApp platform. Currently, the company also boasts its own launchpad, game studio, and a top 5 volume NFT marketplace. It is also the busiest client on the VeChain network. The company moved from a few users to thousands with just under $3milion in NFT trading volume.

Fighting-fantasy authors and award-winning studios back its AAA fantasy decentralized universe VulcanVerse, which sold out in days and has already entered alpha gameplay.

The company prides itself on removing gas and crypto for game developers using its platform. It also offers support to any third party with a creative idea wanting to turn it into reality. Some of its community members have created their games with ground-up support, including GeoCats, Block Babies, and Coddle Pets.

What about the PYR token?

PYR is the digital cryptographically secured token created specifically for the Vulcan.Forged. This token is also a transferable representation of various attributed functions specified in the protocol of this platform. The team designed it so customers could use an interoperable utility token on the platform, as well as across different game environments. PYR is an ERC20 token.

As the native platform currency, this coin will play the role of the settlement medium, gaming, and staking utility token within the entire Vulcan Forged ecosystem. Players will be able to purchase assets of VulcanVerse from PYR token rewards earned by winning a game of Block Babies, Berserk, or Coddle Pets.

The platform will automatically send 10% for every PYR transaction to the reward pools to distribute the funds later to ecosystem contributors. The coin has various use cases, and it will slowly replace VET as the marketplace token of choice.

This token allows the users to earn from their positive efforts. It also thoroughly increases user engagement within the platform. Token holders can use PYR for fee settlement, gaming platform pools, participation in Defi game launchpads, staking to obtain privileges, play-to-earn benefits, and discounted marketplace usage.

Santos FC Fan Token became Binance’s new project

Binance has also introduced Santos FC Fan Token on its Launchpool. Users can begin farming SANTOS by staking BNB and BUSD on November 26, 2021.

This is the 26th project on Binance Launchpool, and considering its popularity, it may well become very successful. The exchange also plans to list SANTOS into the innovation zone and open trading with SANTOS/BTC, SANTOS/BRL, SANTOS/TRY, and SANTOS/USDT trading pairs. The maximum token supply of SANTOS coins is 30,000,000. It is a BEP-20 token.

Meanwhile, My Crypto City’s token continues rallying

MyCryptoCity is a decentralized simulation game that is becoming very popular in the Defi space. The team built its platform on the Solana network. MyCryptoCity stands out among other similar games. Typically, the player has an overhead view of the city. They develop it by following different strategies. However, in this game, participants get MYCTY coins by using player worker recruitment and resource utilization options.

The team designed the MyCryptoCity platform so that it can support the long-term sustainability of its game and governance. It will also provide players with a blockchain gaming experience. The players will simultaneously derive pleasure from this game and gain profits.

The team launched its native utility token on October 18, 2021. MYCTY’s ICO will end on December 10, 2021. The price is 0.035 USD per token, but MYCTY’s value will increase over time. The total supply of the coins is 200000000. The company will accept USDC and USDT in exchange for its tokens.

What about Heroes TD?

Heroes TD is a relatively new blockchain-based Play to Earn game. Its players will be able to summon Heroes to defend their bases and attack enemy bases. In Heroes TD, gamers can join a community and play with each other. They will also have an opportunity to create new unique NFT content and trade them with other players. The users will have a lot of fun and get real money simultaneously.

The company plans to launch its native tokens on November 28, 2021. A total of 1,666,666.67 HTD tokens will be available for purchase. The price will be $0.060000 during the initial coin offering. Users can buy these coins on BSCStation. However, the company will trade only 0.356% of the total supply at the first stage. It aims to raise $100,000.

HTD is a specialized Defi token explicitly created for the game Heroes TD. Players can use these tokens to participate in-game activities, as well as purchase assets on the Marketplace. However, it also has one special use, which makes it a must-have if gamers want to play Heroes TD – token holders can summon new Heroes.

Users can earn HTD via in-game Play-to earn activities. They will be able to stake their unused HTD tokens and earn extra NFTs or HTDs on the Heroes TD DApp.

Who are the founders of this platform?

CG Studio developed the game Heroes TD. Its team has over 15 years of experience in the game industry. Furthermore, it consists of a board of outstanding and experienced members who have been working in developing Blockchain technology and mobile games for a long time.

Founded in 2013, the team was known as VGames at first. It developed many games for cross platforms, including Winphone, Android, iOS, Html5, etc. However, the members have focused on strategy games with attractive gameplay since 2021.

Heroes TD game has strong potential, and it has already attracted players’ attention. HTD token is in the spotlight as well.




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