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Bitcoin Latinum’s revolutional project for Miami Conference

Bitcoin Latinum is an insured asset-backed cryptocurrency that is ready to revolutionize digital transactions.

It announced its title sponsorship of the DCentral Miami conference at the Miami Airport Convention Center (MACC) from November 30 to December 1, 2021. The DCentral Conference is the largest face-to-face NFT and DeFi combined conference in history and will open one of the largest art events in the United States, Art Basel.

DCentral Miami will host more than 300 international speakers, celebrities, professional athletes, artists, and the world’s largest cryptocurrency investors. They will talk in five stages: Bitcoin Latinum’s DeFi Summit stage, Gala Games’ NFTCON stage, and 360 degrees Project Metaverse Dome through Epik Prime and sandbox.

The interactive conference and expo will have more than 100 booths in the Digital Fashion Corner, four NFT art galleries, a PFP Hutong, Live VR art, NFT seminars, and the Play-to-Earn Games Showcase 15 blockchain game companies.

Famous speakers such as Joseph Rubin, co-founder of Ethereum and Consensys, Sofia the robot, former NBA All-Star Baron Davis, 2020 Olympic gold medalist “Fastest Woman Alive” Elaine Thompson-Hera, and YouTuber BitBoy Will attend the meeting.

Bitcoin Latinum plans a partnership with Unico NFT to launch an NFT market

Thousands of digital artworks will be exclusively bought and sold within this new collaboration through Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Latin (LTNM). This is the world’s first platform allowing the use of cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum-type currencies to buy, sell, and trade NFTs. Unico uses patent-pending technology to provide a method for buying NFTs using Bitcoin and Bitcoin Latin coins.

This will open up new opportunities for people who want to own digital art or collectibles and unlock the huge liquidity available in the entire encrypted space. It will also solve the standard Ethereum blockchain problems, like high fees and low transaction speed.

Coinstore, Singapore-based crypto exchange is entering India

Crypto futures and spot trading exchange Coinstore today announced its entry into the Indian market. Coinstore plans to launch its network and application platform for Indian users. Indian users can use Coinstore’s easy-to-understand user interface to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies, and provide simple KYC verification and 24/7 customer support.

Coinstore allows users to conveniently trade more than 50 popular cryptocurrencies via mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

The Singapore-based exchange has decided to expand to India and is currently setting up a local support office. Coinstore will set up offices in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai as an Indian base for future expansion. The company has 100 immediate job openings and can recruit local talent in India for its customer support, marketing, and operations departments.

How can Indians trade after the crypto ban bill? Yes, the government has decided to introduce a bill at the winter meeting starting on Monday to ban all private cryptocurrencies in India with certain exceptions. However, although India does not recognize cryptocurrency as legal tender, it does not prohibit cryptocurrency transactions.

The US$20 million allocated for expansion in India will be mainly used for marketing, recruiting talents, and developing crypto-related products and services for the Indian market.

Coinstore will soon provide its Indian users with a unique copy trading function. Users can follow the transactions of other successful traders to make strategic investments by trading the future price of cryptocurrencies. In June of this year, Coinstore successfully launched iOS and Android applications and their online trading platforms worldwide, with great fanfare.

Coinstore attaches great importance to security and will soon be subject to strict audits by Hacken. Hacken is a global network security company focused on blockchain security.

The Coinstore app is now available for download on Google Play and Apple Store in India.

Crypto mining causes massive power outage in Kazakhstan

Electricity demand in Kazakhstan has grown substantially, increasing nearly 8% this year, compared to the previous conventional growth of 1-2%. Why? The power consumption of large computer farms involved in cryptocurrency mining is not controlled.

The country is currently importing electricity from Russia with higher tariffs to meet the necessary demand. Kazakhstan’s three primary power plants were also urgently shut down in October.

To prevent this from happening again, the country’s local power grid operator Kazakhstan Power Grid Operating Company, announced that they would begin to curtail its 50 registered miners.

In addition, legal miners need to pay a maximum of about 1 Kazakhstani tenge per kilowatt-hour to distinguish them from legal miners.

As China strengthens its control of cryptocurrency mining on the mainland, Kazakhstan has become a favorable destination for cryptocurrency miners, with cheaper and more convenient power options.

Cryptocurrency assets tend to be more popular and stable than real estate in Russia

A new survey shows that nearly half of retail investors in Russia believe that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a hedge asset related to a stable income.

According to a survey of 1,000 Russian retail investors, as many as 46% of respondents believe that cryptocurrency is a potentially defensive asset that allows them to hedge financial risks during economic crises.

Compared with real estate, Russian retail investors prefer cryptocurrencies. Only 37% of respondents who invest in alternative assets believe that real estate is a practical investment tool.

Real estate has historically been Russia’s largest hedge asset. However, cryptocurrencies have become the biggest investment trend in 2021 as they surpass other traditional assets, including foreign exchange currencies and stocks.

Among the many cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is obviously the most popular alternative investment for Russians. In October, Bitcoin was the most popular cryptocurrency in Russia, surpassing coins such as Tether and Litecoin in terms of social media mentions.

Recently, cryptocurrencies have become more and more popular among Russian investors. In a survey last year, 77% of Russian investors preferred Bitcoin to gold.

Last week, the Bank of Russia released a financial stability report, pointing out that the country is playing an increasing role in the global $2.8 trillion cryptocurrency market. The central bank mentioned that Russia ranks third in the world regarding the national BTC hash rate and is one of the largest users of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange.

In the intensified inflation and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, global investors increasingly regard cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as a tool to hedge financial risks.




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