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Cryptocurrency Continues Its Trend Towards the Mainstream

Some consider cryptocurrency mainstream, especially after Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady indicated that he would not object to paying in Bitcoin. However, despite all this, many people are still not aware when it comes to digital coins. According to crypto expert Marc Lopresti, now crypto gold is trendy in the world.

According to him, every form of cryptocurrency – from Bitcoin to Ethereum – is built on blockchain. Blockchain technology contributes to the security of everything. Cryptocurrencies do not have trillions of market value. It should be noted. However, the ups and downs are leading to space instability.

According to Lopresti, this is an emerging asset class and an alternative investment. According to his warnings, the alternatives should be less than 10% of the total portfolio. According to the manager of Shish Uppal, Relax in Comfort, some people do not understand the specifics of cryptocurrency, although some of them successfully buy and trade cryptocurrencies.

According to Uppal, what is happening now in the trading industry is a digital revolution. However, he has seen both gains and losses throughout his career, with $800,000 in his account this year.

The revolution has captured the hearts of celebrities, athletes and other public figures. According to Lopresti, each person needs to be educated in this area to see the suitability of crypto and correctly identify opportunities in this area.


Bitcoin recently reached its all-time high of more than $67,000. The expectations of most analysts are slowly coming true. According to forecasts, Bitcoin should break the $100,000 mark this year. Given the progress of the most popular currency, this is not a challenging prospect to achieve.

The first assumption this month that Bitcoin would set a record has already been justified. At this stage, Bitcoin has every opportunity to continue the positive dynamics. Some experts consider it premature to have the expected positive nature and believe that Bitcoin will repeat the spring crash.

As for the current picture, the increase in the price of Bitcoin will have a positive impact on other cryptocurrencies. A 6-digit figure is likely to be fixed for Christmas.

Due to the unpredictability of digital currency, it is impossible to predict changes in advance. However, the fact is that October was a month of success and growth for Bitcoin and many other currencies. We wonder what the end of 2021 will be like and how positively this year will end for each currency.




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