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DeFi Land is launching its trending DFL token tomorrow

DeFi Land is a new multi-chain agriculture-simulation game. It belongs to gamify Decentralized Finance. According to the founder team, this game will have all the features that the traditional platforms have. However, the team gathered all of these features in one place. Moreover, players will be able to start playing the game for free. Afterward, they will have the opportunity to grind their way up to the play-2-earn tier, craft, trade, compete with others, and more.

The company plans to launch the platform’s native utility token on November 24, 2021. The sale will end on November 25, 2021, though. 70,000,000 DFL tokens will be available for purchase, and the price will be $0.005000 during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $350,000 with the sale.

Customers will find the DFL token quite useful. Its owners will be able to use coins for competing, betting, and tipping. The platform will enable them to trade in-game assets and NFTs. In addition, token holders can vote for governance and determine the allocation of network resources.

What makes DeFi Land stand out among similar games?

The amazing thing about this project is that the team isn’t creating a closed ecosystem for its game as many other protocols do. The company didn’t want to create a new environment; instead, it aimed to accelerate, gamify and improve already existing ones.

DeFi Land will be running on top of already established platforms. That means its customers will use well-known DEXs/AMMs/Lending protocols through this game. When gamers try Yield Farming in this game, they will use different pools and staking platforms through DeFi Land’s interface.

Furthermore, in DeFi Land, every asset will represent a currency. For instance, in the platform’s demo version, SOL is Sunflower, COPE- Pumpkin, and USDC-corn. Customers will be able to use these assets to do the same activities as traditional Defi offers, along with various different things which the company will reveal soon.

DeFi Land is an ambitious game, and the team made sure to load it with a few remarkable features. It plans to launch this game in two versions, with v1.0 coming out this summer and v2.0 by the start of 2022. The game will be available for both web and mobile phone users. Moreover, all the game designs and mechanics are experimental, and the team will reiterate them many times.

What about Dtravel?

Dtravel is also a decentralized platform created for members of the home-sharing economy. It facilitates bookings and payments, as well as short-term accommodation discovery, with up to 50% lower fees than competing platforms. The company is launching its trending native token on November 24, 2021. The sale will end the following day, though. 555,555 TRVL will be available for purchase for the price of $0.090000 during the initial coin offering. The team aims to raise $50,000, and it will accept USDT in exchange for TRVL tokens.

Dtravel is actually a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). That means it has a community-owned and governed ecosystem. The platform operates for the benefit of its community members.

What advantages does the TRVL token offer?

The TRVL token is the utility token of Dtravel. It powers its self-driving economy. The token derives its utility from four purposes: Travel, Protection, Loyalty, and Governance. The team hopes that the natural incentive to use TRVL tokens and enjoy its four purposes will increase demand for this coin.

The company fixed the maximum supply of TRVL at 1,000,000,000. It also designed the token distribution plan in such a way as to ensure the gradual increase of the TRVL’s circulating supply. The team aims to align the community’s interests, core contributors, investors, and advisors, thus ensuring long-term sustainability.




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