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Personal Finance Daily: 3 ways to shrink your carbon footprint next time you’re grocery shopping, and Black women are being crushed by the student debt crisis

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Voters rejected more taxes in Colorado and Washington — what does that mean for Biden’s agenda?

‘There’s a cautionary note here,’ one tax expert said of voters rejecting capital-gains taxes on high earners. Read More

3 ways to shrink your carbon footprint the next time you’re grocery shopping

A report out Wednesday suggests the bigger culprit behind food-linked carbon emissions lies with the allure of bulk shopping for alleged savings and convenience, and other habits that lead to food waste, rather than with what we’re putting in our mouths. Read More

Podiatrist charged with running $11 million foot-bath Medicare scam — and prescribing treatments that did not dissolve in water

Foot-bath fraud has become an increasingly common Medicare scam. Read More

‘I can’t imagine the day when I’m not paying.’ Black women are being crushed by the student debt crisis — and demanding action

Black women face a unique combination of barriers when it comes to paying off their student loans. ‘It feels like we have set up a terrible bargain with people and just blame them.’ Read More

‘It’s really a toy’: Zillow closes home-flipping business. What does that say about the reliability of its Zestimate home-valuation tool?

Zillow used Zestimate to help guide the prices it paid for homes through its now-shuttered home-flipping business. Read More

Should you get an electric car? Here are some pros and cons

With more affordable options on the market, EVs are quickly becoming practical alternatives to gas cars. But is it right for you? Here are some basics. Read More

How to capitalize on the labor shortage to advance your career

With so many job openings across industries, employers are raising pay and benefits. This means there are ample opportunities to upgrade your position. Read More

I rented a 3-bedroom apartment for $1,500 and charged my roommates $800 per room. I got a $100 cut each month. Was I wrong?

‘In my opinion, they didn’t earn the right to $500. The market rent was $800 for the amenities and the location, and it was furnished.’ Read More

‘I don’t need this overrated dessert’: The man who brought tiramisu to the masses has died, but not everyone is a fan of his culinary legacy

Ado Campeol, whose restaurant was supposedly behind the dish’s creation, passed away at age 93. We assess the legacy of his signature dish. Read More

Dreading holiday shopping? Here’s how to stay out of debt while buying gifts

More than 1 in 10 people are still paying off last year’s holiday debt, survey says Read More

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