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Personal Finance Daily: Nearly 20 million Americans don’t have enough to eat, and what will the housing market look like in 2022?

Happy (almost) Turkey Day, MarketWatchers! Don’t miss these top stories.

Thanksgiving food for thought: Nearly 20 million Americans don’t have enough to eat

Pandemic stimulus programs and increased federal spending on food benefits have helped lower rates of food insecurity. Read More

Weekend reads: What to talk about over Thanksgiving dinner and what to binge on afterward

Plus: How to invest based on Black Friday and Cyber Monday reports, and Foxconn steps into the EV ring. Read More

I became the black sheep of the family after my mother died. How do I tactfully ask my grandmother if I’m still included in her will?

‘During the later years of my mom’s sickness and the first few years after, I dealt with my grief in some not-so-healthy ways.’ Read More

Mazda gets all burly and outdoorsy with its rugged new CX-50

Did Mazda go shopping at REI? Meet the 2023 Mazda CX-50—the first outdoorsy Mazda we’ve seen in a long time Read More

Four days on the market is now a ‘fair shot’ at a home. What will the housing market look like in 2022?

Hopeful home buyers, especially millennial and Gen Z buyers, are getting fed up. The harsh vibe will likely continue into next year. Read More

I was mistakenly added to the deed on my father-in-law’s house. What are the consequences for my family?

‘About six months ago, my wife and I refinanced our house and discovered that I was on the title of my father-in-law’s house.’ Read More

Montana steakhouse owner admits using a $75,000 COVID-19 disaster relief loan to buy vintage cars

Michael Bolte was accused of buying several classic autos — including a 1916 Studebaker — with government money he got for his restaurant. Read More

My brother bought out my share of our mother’s cabin. We wanted out, so we were required to sell at a discount. What happens to our mom’s 50% share?

‘The stipulation of leaving the cabin required us to pay a 10% penalty. When my mother dies, our brother has first right of refusal to buy her 50% share.’ Read More

Ready for Thanksgiving pizza? A new holiday tradition tosses turkey and trimmings on your favorite slice

Pizza sales skyrocketed during the pandemic — and pizza makers got creative as well Read More

You only use one credit card? How my multiple-card strategy can make you more money this Black Friday

It’s all about coming up with a strategy to get back all the cash, miles or points that you can earn Read More

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