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Personal Finance Daily: This startup diverts excess food from executive dining rooms to hungry people and what’s next for the federal vaccine mandate

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What’s next for the federal vaccine mandate: ‘This puts employers in an incredibly difficult spot’

75% of businesses say they will only put a vaccine requirement in place if the Supreme Court upholds the Biden administration’s mandate Read More

The impending Y2K you probably never heard of: a new interest rate used to price everything from mortgages to car loans

Starting in a few days, banks will need to switch from Libor for new contracts and it’s unclear what the impact will be. Read More

‘My wife is really cheap, which I adore’: We have $3M in investments, but I paid the bills while she worked as a teacher. How should we split our expenses in retirement?

‘My wife continues to play an aggressive 80% stock strategy.’ Read More

‘Hunger isn’t a scarcity issue’: This startup diverts excess food from executive dining rooms to hungry people

Jasmine Crowe’s Goodr connects perfectly edible food from corporations, grocery retailers and airports with people who need it. Read More

‘Nobody was expecting omicron — this one really was a curveball’: Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health’s outgoing director, has a parting warning

‘I’m worried and I know people are tired of this. I’m tired of this, but the virus is not tired of us,’ he said. Read More

You won’t believe what people are paying for cars now

Here’s a look at the five highest average transaction prices by automaker. Read More

New and useful features to look for if you want a better credit card

Here’s what to look for in a credit card in 2022, including rewards that work for you, flexible credit lines, buy now, pay later, and balance transfer. Read More

Here’s an easy year-end to-do list to help maximize your money

There are still plenty of opportunities left in 2021 to enhance your investment portfolio, retirement savings or other accounts. Read More

Ford closes reservations for electric F-150 at 200,000

If you planned to leave a deposit on an upcoming F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, you’ve missed your window, at least for now. Read More

What Omicron means for the short-term rental market, according to a property management expert

This week The Escape Home spoke with Vered Schwarz, president and chief operating officer of property management platform Guesty, about what the past year looked like for the industry and what she thinks will happen going forward. Read More

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