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Personal Finance Daily: Unvaccinated workers calculate the costs of regular COVID testing, and mortgage rates fall for the first time in weeks

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Unvaccinated workers calculate the costs of regular COVID testing — Biden administration sets Jan. 4 vaccination deadline for workers

OSHA’s new rule will apply to 84 million private sector workers. Read More

‘The easiest thing to do is buy homes’: Offerpad CEO sees a bright future for iBuying despite Zillow’s high-profile exit

‘There’s been this narrative of how this is a chase to see who can buy the most homes the fastest. That’s just not sustainable.’ Read More

A ‘necessary win’ for workers and ‘devastating’ for companies: Business groups give their verdict on Biden’s vaccine mandate

The vaccine mandate for employers will go into effect on Jan. 4, and will cover some 84 million employees. Read More

Guitar God Carlos Santana Selling Another Kauai Retreat for $4.8M

A year after Carlos Santana, the legendary rocker, purchased a serene retreat on the island of Kauai, HI, he’s changed his tune. The hilltop abode in Princeville, HI, is now back on the market for $4,795,000. The harmonious home has already generated offers and is listed in “contingent” status. Read More

Mortgage rates fall for the first time in weeks — even as the Fed decides to roll back stimulus

The Fed’s decision to scale back its bond-buying activity is expected to prop interest rates up for the foreseeable future. Read More

My wife made her sister 401(k) beneficiary. I asked to be listed in case she dies first — she promised her sister would ‘give me the money.’ What should I do?

‘All of my accounts have her as the beneficiary, and our will lists her to get everything we own if I should die.’ Read More

17 new and used cars short people will love

Let’s face it — drivers come in all sizes. Here are our picks of cars for shorter people, and a list of features we find helpful in overcoming height limitations. Read More

Black Friday could get messy this year: Here’s what retail experts say to expect

Here are five predictions from retail experts about Black Friday 2021 — plus, how you can navigate the upcoming sales. Read More

Want your kids vaccinated for holiday travel? Here’s a timeline

If your decision to travel with kids is contingent upon whether they’re fully vaccinated, here are some key dates you’ll need to know. Read More

‘Don’t give away loser shares’: It’s not too late to reduce your 2021 tax bill. Here’s how.

The tax-smart ways to donate to charity, pre-pay college bills and deal with your Roth IRA. Read More

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