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RaceFi is launching its Hot token. What about ARV? 

RaceFi is launching its Hot token. What about ARV? 

RaceFi announced that it would launch its high-ranked native token on December 8, 2021. The sale will end on December 9, 2021. RACEFI is a trending token. However, only 2,800,000 coins will be available for purchase at this stage.

RaceFi is the first AI/ML integrated car racing game. Based on the Solana ecosystem, it offers interesting features. Within RaceFi’s metaverse, users can earn money and simultaneously enjoy various game modes. They will be able to satisfy the thirst for speed and make a profit as well. Players can own in-game property. Whether they prefer Battle race or Pure race, PvP or PvE, gamblers or racers, this game offers endless possibilities.

Its native utility token will also prove useful to its holders. During the initial coin offering, the token price is $0.125000 per RACEFI. The company aims to raise $350,000 with the sale, and it will accept USDC in exchange for its coins. The total supply of RACEFI is 1.400000000000000.


What about RaceFi’s features? 

Currently, Pure Race includes two game modes: PvE and PvP. In PvE mode, the users will directly drive and control the car. On the other hand, in PvP mode, the gamers will be able to customize their strategic statistics. After that, the AI system will analyze the result of the race.

In terms of Battle Race, the users must upgrade their cars with battle features such as shields and guns. There will be no time limit or no finish line in this part. Thus, the players will continue to race and attack each other until only one survivor is left. That last car will automatically become the winner of the battle race.

John Lee, CEO of RaceFi, stated that he has always wanted a DAO platform to empower gamers and reward them based on their value-added to game economy. The RaceFi team has come a long way in designing a metaverse with limitless earning opportunities. The platform can now accommodate various types of users. While many features are still updating, one thing is permanent: players’ benefit is the company’s main goal.

There is a lot to recommend this platform, including RaceFi unique selling points, AI/ML integration, advertising solution, multiple game modes, unlimited ways to earn, and a betting system. Not to mention that it is the first car racing game on Solana.

Moreover, $RACEFI token owners will get additional benefits. They will be able to use RACEFI for NFT trading transactions, staking, governance, event participation, and airdrop campaigns.


What about RaceFi’s team and partners?


The platform’s advisory board includes CEO of ExNetwork Capital Eric Su, Strategic Advisor Kevin Abdulrahman, CEO of PolRare Steven Lee, and CEO of VBC Ventures Kyle Nguyen.

Eric Su, CEO of ExNetwork Capital, noted that RaceFi has great potential. This project holds a first-mover advantage – it is the first car racing game on the Solana platform. He also added that users should expect the unexpected with its team, as they have the capacity to revolutionize the NFT racing industry. The company will offer unique AI/ML applications and many other exciting features such as advertising and betting.

The platform has already closed its seed and private round funding with a substantial amount of $2.8 million led by Genblock Capital, ExNetwork Capital, Shima Capital, Basics Capital, Solar Eco Fund, and several other reputable venture capitalists.

The Artemis Vision also plans to launch its ICO soon

Artemis Vision is a new decentralized NFT social media Marketplace. The team created the platform for musicians, artists, creators, and enthusiasts. The users will be able to buy, sell, mint, and collect content NFT’s. Furthermore, the company will offer an All-in-One app soon, as well as the first NFT Royalty distribution platform and NFT White Label worldwide. It will also provide Facebook API and Google AI integration with Metaverse VR 360 Concert features for ARV token holders. 

Artemis Vision has interesting tools. Verified users will get a custom URL-Login with Google. The latter will enable them to log in with Facebook and connect to anyone anywhere. Thus, customers will be able to share a story and raise funds, as well as buy, sell, and mint their music, video, and art. Besides, musicians will host live concert shows. Other creators will also use live video feed to promote their artwork with followers.

 The company will launch its native utility token ARV on December 13, 2021. 450,000 ARV will be available for purchase for the price of $0.800000. That is 4.5% of the total supply. The company aims to raise $360,000 will the sale, and it will accept BUSD in exchange for ARVs.


What about the UNQclub’s ICO?


UNQ CLUB is another trending project. The team designed this decentralized platform specifically for NFT collectors, aiming to help them build communities, as well as fundraise their NFTs and use them across different protocols and blockchains. The company based its platform on the Solana network. Its club control contracts are deployed on BSC, Ethereum, and other chains. Such diversity allows for smooth interaction between different blockchains.

 UNQ is the platform’s native utility token. Its holders can use the coins for transactions within the platform and participate in governance. The company will reward the content creators and club curators with UNQ tokens as well. 

UNQ CLUB’s ecosystem is also interesting. UNQ CLUB is a toolset for curators, enabling them to create a club that will suit their needs. It is much like a DAO composed of multiple options and rules. There are UNQ Universe NFTs, as well. In fact, Universe NFTs is the only new minting standard that ensures producing the platform’s high utility and innovative NFTs. 

The company is evolving NFTs based on the Wolfram physics project. The latter allows creating a revenue stream for the project development. Moreover, players can enjoy UNQ WORLD, which is a play2earn game. Geared towards providing utility to all NFTs, this game combines UNQ’s Club and universe NFTs in one space. The team focuses on creating a next-gen gaming ecosystem, and it has a vision of what it should be like. 

The UNQ ICO will begin on December 16, 2021, and it will end in two days. The company will trade 2,814,258 UNQ for the price of $0.053300 during the initial coin offering.  

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