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Reshaping economy to take down pollution

The National Ambient Air Quality standards indicate the condition of the environment and economic growth that the country is going through.

So, the fundamental questions about air quality management are: How many polluting industries operate in the NCR (National Capital Region)? Has the Central government kept data on air pollutants in the NCR? Does the CPCB have the needed technological and human resources at its end to deal with the current situation? Also, reliable data could have led the government in terms of taking long-term policy initiatives.

The observation of the Supreme Court on Delhi’s frightening levels of air pollution is an accurate analysis of institutional failures. Besides, the Supreme Court advised initiating long-term measures to discuss the air quality of the NCR.

The testimony by the Centre indicates that construction, vehicular traffic, transport, and stubble-burning cause worsening air pollution. The fact is that economic policies overtake environmental policies, and lack of coordination among government agencies created a massive vacuum.

According to the observations of the WHO, the NCR became one of the most polluted regions worldwide. Moreover, air pollution has already damaged the quality of life in the capital city. So, the dust particles consist of a complex blend of organic and inorganic elements that slowly damages the respiratory system.

Furthermore, eegular exposure to nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and sulfur dioxide seems risky for health. WHO measures show that around 1.3 million early deaths are connected to ambient air pollution in NCR. In fact, ambient air pollution is considered the biggest slow poison, with 28% of diseases from lung cancer and all deaths; 18% of disease from an acute lower respiratory infection and all deaths; 24% of mortality from stroke; 26% of deaths and illness from ischaemic heart disease; 44% of disease from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and deaths.




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